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secret proprietary product formula of 14 special ingredients which blocks nauseating and offensive odors when applied topically, under the nostrils.

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NOXO Smoking Control
New NOXO Smoking Control balm, when applied topically, under the nostrils reduces an abstaining tobacco user's urge to smoke. The aroma of NOXO molecules, transports their "messages" directly to the brain's limbic system which controls tobacco cravings.
NOXO Autism Aid
New NOXO Autism Aid balm, when applied topically, under the nostrils helps settle brain waves and behavioral patterns back to normal by sending scent molecules into an autistic child’s system. NOXO Autism Aid has the ability to detoxify and oxygenate the body, something that research has found to help these special children by making them calmer, happier, relaxed, quieter with a feeling of well being.
NOXO Memory Boost
New NOXO Memory Boost balm, when applied topically, under the nostrils helps send an intense trigger for distinct and correlated past memories by delivering scent molecules into the brain's olfactory nerves. NOXO Memory Boost balm utilizes the new science of aromachology to detoxify and oxygenate the body. Research has been found that this process can help stimulate the olfactory receptors and therefore enhance one’s ability to perceive and improve memory recall.
NOXO Sweets Control
New NOXO Sweets Control balm, when applied topically, under the nostrils, desensitizes one’s desire to consume sweet foods. The craving to eat becomes diminished, triggering a positive, mood-enhancing benefit in the brain, which actually suppresses the desire to eat. Independent trials indicated that by using NOXO Sweets Control, individuals lost weight and stopped wanting sweet foods - particularly chocolate - within three weeks.

Tests showed that when the olfactory senses were saturated with NOXO Sweets Control, individuals no longer craved sweet foods. Once the appetite for sweet foods is diminished, the brain registers a decrease in the desire for very sweet tastes and dieting becomes easy. Test individuals did cut their consumption of sweet foods and did not increase their intake of fatty foods to compensate. 
NOXO Anxiety Relief
New NOXO Anxiety Relief balm reduces anxiety associated with panic attacks, shortness of breath, dizziness, hot flashes and/or chills. NOXO Anxiety Relief balm reduces the startle reaction; also called the startle response, startle reflex or alarm reaction, which is the response of mind and body to a sudden unexpected stimulus, such as a flash of light, or a loud noise. NOXO Anxiety Relief also has calming effects due to the essential properties of its ingredients. In addition NOXO Anxiety Relief reduces stress and anxiety in cancer patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging by a massive 63 percent.
NOXO Mood Lifter
New NOXO Mood Lifter makes you feel your best in a Calm-Energy State. A mood is a relatively long lasting emotional state and is a product of two dimensions: energy and tension. A person can be energetic or tired while also being tense or calm. People feel best when they are in a calm-energy mood and the components of NOXO Mood Lifter balm enables the body to feel this fundamental mood connection. Where there is a food-mood connection, NOXO Mood Lifter balm decreases the desire for food and enables the calm-energy state to exist.
NOXO Appetite Control
New NOXO Appetite Control Improves Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance. Smelling food can trigger instinctive or mindless behavior and we therefore put food in our mouth. An emotional state could also trigger a desire for food. NOXO Appetite Control replaces these triggers and gives us control while replacing the need to eat the donut with the pleasure of feeling comfortable, at home, and secure at work. NOXO Appetite Control balm helps control appetite and all those irrational responses we have to food. NOXO Appetite Control balm used consciously gives us control of cravings where our own will power might fail.
NOXO Nausea Relief
New NOXO Nausea Relief Is Effective In Reducing Nausea, Vomiting, Headache and Migraine. Both physiological and psychological problems can cause nausea. Not only are disgusting smells, bad digestion, tonsillitis, flu, migraine, hangover or food poisoning a reason for nausea, but allergies, motion sickness and early pregnancy can also be a factor. NOXO Nausea Relief balm may also be used as a headache or migraine remedy. That means you get natural headache relief just as potent as popping a couple of 500-milligram Tylenols, but without any long-term side effects or buildup of tolerance levels. And Tylenol doesn’t ease tension and relax your muscles like NOXO Nausea Relief balm can.
NOXO Stress Relief
New NOXO Stress Relief Is Effective In Relaxing Brain Waves And Reducing Stress And Toxins Stress is the term used to describe any reaction to a physical, mental or emotional stimulus that upsets the body's natural balance. Stress causes the entire body to malfunction, creating imbalances in all the systems of the body, resulting in obesity, exhaustion, digestive disorders, circulatory disorders and depression. Whether stress is related to work or family life, most of us experience too much stress in our daily life. Directions include keeping a stress diary for one week to identify what triggers stress in you. Taking NOXO at these trigger points can be a major step controlling and reducing harmful stress and the resulting toxins.
NOXO Menopausal Support
New NOXO Menopausal Support contains A blend of rose geranium and other oils to help lift your spirits and provide balance during your transition. This balm is to be applied behind your ears and rubbed into your palms so that you can inhale the fragrance from your hands by inhaling deeply three times.