Our Mission

Olfactory Biosciences Corp. (OBC) is a life sciences company whose focus is Wellness Products that contribute to better health. We bring true innovation to the health products market three ways:

  • Identify – OBC identifies, scrutinizes, and evaluates promising new technologies (developed by ourselves or others) using the most current scientific research. We have focused on NOBEL Prize winning science to base our product research and development.

  • Develop – OBC uses advanced systems and practices to turn innovative science discoveries into safe, reliable wellness products.

  • Market – OBC is committed to bringing innovative products to market in a form that brings real value and relevance to society. Our products are affordable, using only natural ingredients, and tested with proven efficacy.

OBC brings proven Wellness products, developed by others, and ourselves to market. The company focuses on improving health and well-being by targeting olfactory receptors and using new sciences for efficacy. Further, OBC is committed to advancing the field of Olfaction, and has alternative medical innovations for the benefit of our customers.

Our History

The company was formed in 1999 and focused on research and development of natural alternative medicine products. In that last two years, the company began to use the scientific discoveries related to olfactory receptors in the nose, by two NOBEL Prize winners in medicine of 2004, Richard Axel and Linda Buck. The first product to reach commercialization is called NOXO Odor Defense™, which has the ability to alter the brains ability to smell horrific odors. The odor is still there and it's not masked. The brain does not however, register its normal reaction to it. The uniquely formulated NOXO Odor Defense™ is based on advanced olfactory perception altering technology developed. Our newly expanded product line is showing the same promise and as successful as our odor product. They are the first of its kind line of wellness products that use the science of Olfaction to improve your quality of life and overcome complex behavioral challenges like smoking addictions, insomnia and ADD to name a fe Olfactory Biosciences Corp. is a public company trading OTC with the symbol OLFC.

Our Partner in Manufacturing

Flavor and Fragrance Specialties provides the natural ingredients used in NOXO Wellness Products and produces the NOXO Balms and Inhaler proprietary blends for the company. FFS has the superior technical expertise that is necessary to produce NOXO products and we recognize that the combined talent and enthusiasm of FFS employees is one of our most valuable resources. The FDA has approved FFS’s facility.

Our Advisors

Dr. Warren H. Chaney a director of the company and is the Chief Executive Officer for Mind Technologies and the developer and creator of Mind Tech’s Mind Dynamic™ technologies.

Myron Yanoff, M.D., currently is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia PA.

Michael J. Stern is President of Stern Consulting LLC a company dedicated to assisting emerging growth companies. He and his team help find value added partners and make connections to expedite the growth process.

Victor Sonder is a director of the company and brings more than 30 years of experience and widely recognized skills in marketing and strategic planning, copywriting, art direction, film and video direction/production.

William Lerner, Esq. is the company's attorney and has been engaged in the private practice of corporate and securities law in New York since 1961 and in Pennsylvania since 1990.

Our Science

Olfactory Biosciences Corp.’s NOXO division is focused to develop a variety of products targeting Olfactory Receptors for the desired effect. These alternative medicine wellness products may modify behavior or provide relief to common health problems such as smoking cessation or weight control, as examples.

This company has taken NOBEL Prize science related to discoveries of odorant receptors in the nose and the organization of the olfactory system, and has developed unique wellness products that are affordable and made from all natural ingredients.

Olfactory Biosciences Corp. offers the most advanced and innovative wellness products with the potential to change the way we approach wellness issues today. Olfactory Biosciences Corp’s unique advantages will make NOXO products the most sought-after wellness products in the alternative medicine market, creating a growth rate ten times higher than most in the this growing category.

Consumers concerned about their health are looking for alternatives to replace conventional, over-the-counter consumer medical products. We provide natural wellness products that are both effective and affordable.

E-mail: support@noxoinfo.com